Architecture is as much about process as it is about design. We believe the most inspired, successful projects are the result of a concerted plan of action in which the architect and client work closely together throughout every phase of a project. This full-service approach not only avoids potential pitfalls, it ensures that the clients’ hopes and aspirations are realized.
We are very passionate about our profession and find the entire process from exploring early design concepts to the completed build immensely rewarding. Our goal is to create a home for our clients that they will enjoy for years to come.
Our process begins with getting to know you, so we can develop a mutual understanding of your project. Together we will come up with a “wishlist” for the project’s goals, discuss budget, explore the site, and thoroughly research the regulatory requirements, including environmental, zoning, and building code issues.
At this critical step, we begin a dialogue in sketch form, exploring the project goals in terms of plans and elevations. In this part of the process, a wide variety of design solutions are proposed and reviewed and likes and dislikes are identified. During subsequent meetings the founding principles of the design will take shape, any pragmatic concerns will be solved, and the client will begin to see the design solution begin to take form for their approval.

Once the schematic approach is approved, the design will be further clarified: drawings are computerized, rooms are given dimensions, a final review of regulatory and code requirements is completed, and every essential building component is fully integrated into the design. We carefully review all modifications with the client to ensure the final design is in keeping with the original goals. When this phase is complete, the client will have an accurate picture of the final design to be constructed with plans and elevations drawn to scale.

We encourage all of our clients to have a qualified contractor evaluate the final design and prepare a preliminary cost estimate in order to align the design with the project’s budgetary goals. We have a curated list of carefully vetted and qualified contractors perfect for the project that we can recommend, or we are happy to work with the client’s preferred contractor. If adjustments are required to keep the project within budget, it is simpler and far more cost effective to make them at this earlier stage.

This is the final design phase where we essentially build your project on paper. A comprehensive set of drawings is created that thoroughly documents the project’s scope, components, and all of the client’s personal details and design touches. To complement the drawings, a “Project Manual and Specification” document is written which further details the project’s materials and construction procedures.

We take pride in producing an extensive and thorough set of construction documents, with a level of detail that assures a smooth bidding and construction process. We find this approach provides a more accurate bidding process, keeps unknowns to a minimum, avoids assumptions, and greatly reduces the chances for expensive change orders during construction.

Once the Construction Documents are complete, the final bidding process is organized and coordinated. To ensure confidence, we recommend a competitive bidding process and can provide introductions to qualified contractors perfectly tailored to the project, or work with a client’s preferred contractor. Our full service approach during this phase includes conducting project walkthroughs, answering bidder questions, and providing further clarifications where needed. To ensure a fair bidding process, all contractors receive timely, equal, and precise information to any questions that may arise. When the bids are returned, we create a comparison breakdown, identify errors or oversights, participate in final interviews, and work closely with the client to help them choose their contractor.

During construction, we firmly believe in a team approach and work closely with both the client and general contractor to ensure the completed project will fulfill the intent of the design. We make scheduled site visits with the client and builder to review progress, provide answers or clarifications about the construction documents, and use our intimate knowledge of the design to assist in saving time and expense by avoiding assumptions and expediting the construction process. Should an unforeseen construction issue arise, we will work with all parties to find an appropriate, sound, and affordable solution that everyone can agree upon.